The Americas hosted a myriad of exquisite and refined civilisations unknown to us until their “discovery” in the 15th century. These lectures analyse the architecture, ceramics, society, economy and fine arts of these superb advanced societies.

MAYA – BONAMPAK MURALS – The Sistine Chapel of the Maya

MAYA – CERAMICS – The Maya World in Clay

MAYA – WRITING AND SACRED BOOKS – Sacred Mayan Astronomy

MAYA – CHILDREN OF THE CORN – An introduction to the Maya.

MAYA: Calakmul, the lost city of the Maya.

MAYA: Palenque

MAYA: Tikal, the Maya city ruled by women.

MAYA: Copan, the Maya Acropolis.

MAYA : Writing, codices, calendars

OLMEC – The Mysterious Mexican Colossal Heads

ZAPOTEC: People of the Clouds – MONTE ALBAN

TEOTIHUACAN: the city where the gods were born.

THE TOLTEC AND CHICHEN ITZA – the city of the Itzaes

THE MEXICA, AZTEC, NAHUAS – an introduction

TENOCHTITLAN – The Venice of the Americas


MOCHE: The sacred rite of sex, Peru.

MOCHE: The Lady of Cao, a sorcerer, a warrior and a ruler, Peru

LORD OF SIPAN: The Tutankhamen of the Americas

LORD OF SICAN: A royal tomb unearthed intact. Peru

NAZCA: The mysterious lines of Nazca, Peru.

PARACAS: The most splendid textiles in the Americas. Peru

THE INCA CHILDREN OF THE SUN – An introduction to their civilisation.

CUSCO:  Navel of the Inca Empire, Peru

THE SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS – Quenco; Pisaq-Ollantaytambo

MACHU PICCHU UPDATED 2020: The Inca citadel hidden in the Andes,

TIWANAKU: the mysterious Bolivian sunken temples

CHACHAPOYAS: Warriors of the Clouds, Peru.

THE UROS AND TAQUILE PEOPLE: The Wet People of Lake Titicaca.

CARAL: The First City in the Americas, Peru

CHANKILLO: the first astronomical observatory in the Americas, Peru

VALDIVIA: The oldest ceramics in the Americas, Ecuador

CHAVIN DE HUANTAR: the first Andean civilisation, Peru.

MISSISSIPPIAN CULTURES: Cahokia, Caddoan and Plaquemine

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